8 Vital Litter-Robot Accessories

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1. OdorTrap

The main objective of OdorTrap is to eliminate bad smells from the litter box. This accessory is built with a technology that uses plant-based oils to attract and destroy odor molecules. It’s safe because it’s free from alcohol and phthalates.

2. Litter-Robot 3 Accessory Kit

The all-in-one accessory kit plays a significant role in ensuring your cat has the best bathroom experience. It keeps the odor smell away. A full kit includes the following accessories:

– Carbon filters

– Ramp

– Waste drawer liners

– Fence

Note that these accessories are only compatible with the litter-robot 3.

3. Litter-Robot 3 Ramp

An attachable ramp is crucial because it increases traction for your cat. This ramp can play a remarkable role in keeping your cat happy and your house clean. Most people invest in this accessory because it’s easy to install.

4. Litter-Robot Litter Trap Mat

This mat is designed with high-end technology for a superior litter-catching experience. It’s a great mat because it’s urine-repellent. Therefore, you’ll not worry about odor smell in the litter box.

5. Litter-Robot 4 Camera Mount Kit

Installing a webcam can help you determine your kitty’s bathroom habits. It’s important to keep track of this information because it can help in boosting your cat’s health. Irregular bathroom habits may represent a health concern.

6. Litter-Robot 3 Fence

The litter-robot fence is essential for a litter-kicking cat. It helps in reducing litter mess. This fence acts as a barrier to contain your kitty. It’s easy to clean and install. Note that this accessory is only compatible with litter-robot 4.

7. Waste Drawer Liners

Waste drawer liners make it easy to empty the litter box. Cleaning the litter box isn’t simple as you may think. But, waste drawer liners can help mitigate this problem. These liners are compatible with all models of litter robots.

8. Litter-Robot 4 Carbon Filters

Carbon filters can help in preventing odor smell in the litter box. You need to replace these filters at least once per month. It’s only compatible with the litter-robot 4.