6 Ways To Fix Bugs

If you’ve ever suffered from a bug in your program, you know it can be one of the most frustrating things to deal with. Bugs are anything from crashes to glitches that just don’t seem like they should be possible. Here’s our list of ways to fix them and get a clean program back up and running!

1) Check for conflicts:

Sometimes, the cause of your problem may not even be on your end. Before throwing out that error message or cussing out your computer, check to see if there’s any other programs using the same resources as your program. If there is, stop both programs and restart one at a time until you find which is causing the conflict.

2) Compile and Run:

When you run your program, if there are any errors that pop up, don’t just delete the file. Ignore them and try to compile the program. Press F5 on your keyboard to compile it. Now run the program again and see if it’s fixed any of the problems you had before.

3) Check Internet for patches:

If you’ve found a patch for your problem in one of the many places on the web, try it! If you haven’t found a patch or don’t have time to download one, ask someone else to help you find one.

4) Check older versions of your program:

Sometimes, a bug only manifests itself in the newest versions of a program. If your files do not come with older versions, try searching the web for them.

5) Program differently:

If you’ve tried all of the above and are still having problems, try using another programming language to write your program in. If you’re using Visual Basic 6, for example, try using Visual Basic .NET or Java instead.

6) Debug:

Debugging is a special feature that allows you to look at the programs running in your computer. When you run your program, sometimes crashes happen when other programs are using the same resources. Debugging allows you to find and fix the problem by showing you where it’s happening.


When you’re writing software for a computer, it’s very important to keep things simple. Don’t make your program too complex. Just write how you want it to do one thing, and if that works, try to think of other ways that you can use the same idea in your program.