Featues Of Apple 11 You Should Know. Learn More

Apple 11 is the latest company to release a new product, and is not that far away from releasing a next gen. The latest innovation is pretty much the most exciting thing this century has seen, the high-tech way to personalize your iPhone. Apple 11 sounds like it’s going to be huge and revolutionize how we use our iPhones.

Featues of Apple 11

1. The iPhone 11 is going to be slim and sleek

iPhone 11 will no longer have a physical home button. The new device will have a full-screen and curved edge display, the device will be less heavier and the back of iPhone is going to be curved in order to reach further.

2. The iPhone 11 will come with a built in camera that’s 48 megapixels

The handset will also feature a front-facing camera of 5 megapixels, this means you can have selfie photos even when your phone does not have a lens attached. You can now take best selfies as you can focus on your face instead of worrying about using the camera function.

3. The new iPhone will be waterproof

The new handset is going to provide better fitness features and with waterproofing, you can swim in the oceans as well. With a camera that has more megapixels and water-proofing feature, you can now get a selfie on the beach as well.

4. A new way to control your home gadgets with Apple TV

With the iPhone 11, you have an option of being able to control your devices through your Apple TV. There will be also an app that allows you to watch Netflix on your television as well. You will also have the option of taking screenshots right through your Apple TV screen or using Siri for this function as well.


Almost everything about the new iPhone shifts to make way for a more secured, trusted and private Apple. With the great engineering and features in place, amazing design and features that work flawlessly with your iPhone, you can’t miss out on this amazing innovation.