Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying The DJI Air 2S Drone

DJI is a technology company, specializing in drones. They have created devices that have taken aerial photography and videography to new heights. DJI drones are commonly used for commercial use, however, more individuals are starting to enjoy the usage of drones for personal use as well. The Air 2S Drone from DJI is one such drone that you may be interested in purchasing. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider buying the DJI Air 2S Drone

1. Smartphone compatible

The reason we are interested in the Air 2S Drone is because it is a Smartphone compatible device that will provide you with a one touch camera function. With this function, you can take professional quality videos from high above your location or even capture pictures from any angle. This feature can be programed to work with certain apps and also with hardware that is compatible with Apple’s iOS and Android OS family.

2. Affordable

The Air 2S Drone is a remarkable device and very affordable. This means that you will not have to worry about sacrificing quality for price. You can buy the device at around $800 and as you become more comfortable with it, you can begin to use it for commercial purposes as well.

3. Take off from the hand

The Air 2S Drone is easy enough to carry around with, which means that you can take it quite literally everywhere that you go. You can take it to the beach, the park and even inside the house where there is no danger of it getting lost.

4. Camera Quality

The camera that you will receive when you purchase the drone is a 4k UHD full HD camera, which means that its quality is better than that of any other similar devices on the market today. It features a sensor size of 1/2.3 inches and can capture images with great clarity up to 12 megapixels in resolution.