More About LG HDR Smart OLED Evo TV

LG, the leading manufacturer of televisions, has just released their latest line of TVs: LG HDR Smart OLED Evo TV. The newly designed TV will make colors brighter and contrast clearer with a new behind-the-scenes AI. With Quantum Processor 4K Alpha 9, this TV will provide crispy clear pictures with less noise in your images than ever before. LG’s AI algorithm recognizes even the most minor details in each scene, magnifying them to bring new life to the content.

LG has also provided a unique stand that stands apart from others. Each of LG’s OLED TVs comes with an Invisible Connection, a cable that disappears behind your wall mount until you need it. The Invisible Connection is only 1 mm thick which makes it nearly invisible.

The advantage of this TV is that it can play content up to 10 times faster than other televisions. You would no longer have to wait for your videos to load. The fast processing will make your TV respond directly to the input without buffering.

Built-In USB Hub: Built-in USB 3.0 hub provides direct access for connecting USB devices such as keyboards, mice, flash drives, and other storage devices.

4K Ultra HD Resolution: The LG OLED65C7P supports 4K Ultra High Definition resolution for a sharp, movie-like picture.

Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity: Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allows you to enjoy the benefits of your smartphone or tablet. Easy access to music, photos, and videos stored on your mobile device.

Internet Apps: Use all the apps you know and love on this TV. Watch and control your favorite shows, movies, and live-streaming sports through the LG Magic Motion Remote or the included Magic Remote app.

Built-in Web Browser: Internet Apps make it easy to watch and control Internet content from various sources, including streaming video from streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, or Hulu without a PC.

Easily connect to the Internet through your home network with built-in Wi-Fi or tether your smartphone or tablet to your TV via Bluetooth.

Eco Mode: The LG OLED65C7P responds dynamically to different types of content. When watching a video or standard dynamic range, the TV increases its backlight brightness, which can cause strain on the eyes and result in eye fatigue. If you are watching a film in an otherwise dark room, you can operate the TV from an energy-saving mode to mute the backlight.

Magic Motion Remote: The LG OLED65C7P features a Magic Motion Remote with a built-in sensor that recognizes 360-degree swipes and gestures. Watch any movie or show on your TV by pointing and swiping the remote’s two touchpads in any direction.