8 Apple Macbook Air Cases That Will Have You Standing Out In All The Right Ways

One of the best methods out there to personalize your things is by drawing on them or getting someone else to draw on them. That’s what we have here. With countless case designs, the people over at Casetify have presented 8 of their best case designs for you and your MacBook Air 13″

1. Apple Macbook Case By Tess Smith-roberts

A super simple yet super fun look that turns the apple logo into a real-life red delicious. It’s super fun and definitely worth a look over.

2. Everything Is Temporary By Kelsie Cosmic

For those that love the old-school hippie and psychedelic age of the 70s, you’ll love this OG YOLO phrase, Everything is Temporary. Because everything is indeed temporary.

3. Clouds Clear Case

A simple design that presents the untapped potential of the sky on the back of your MacBook Air. Simply put, if you wanted the “Air” in MacBook Air to mean something, it just did.

4. White Transparent Leopard Animal Print

Leopard prints have always been super cool. Now, with these white transparent designs, you can take it to the next level while being wholly unique.

5. Galaxy And Stars Clear Case

What can be better and grander than the sky? The galaxy and all the stars, of course! This case truly captures everything that makes up the sky in all its wondrous glory.

6. Quirky Dinosaurs

The only thing cooler than dinosaurs are dinosaurs that are quirky. Seriously, that’s a fact! Here, you get all the quirky dinos you could ever want as you head back to school.

7. Work Hard - Black

If there were any look that told the world your work ethic, it would be the Work Hard look. This design “works” (get it?) on so many levels and is sure to get more than a few chuckles at the office or the classroom.

8. Gigi Garden Florals - Macbook

Lastly, one of the prettiest and most expressive options on this list, the Gigi Garden Florals design stands out as something that looks incredible and appeals to just about everyone. Even the more macho folks out there can’t help but at least acknowledge just how good this looks.