7 Features Of Sonos Arc Sound Bar

The Arc Sound Bar is Sonos’ latest sound bar first to hit the market in 2018. It offers a three-dimensional sound experience with its efficient audio playback that delivers precise, powerful bass, dynamic voice reproduction and crisp highs that are delivered in true surround. Here are its 7 features you should know about:

1. Audio playback with precision and power

The Arc Sound Bar boasts a powerful speaker design that delivers deep bass, clear vocals and dynamic highs for an immersive 3D sound experience from any angle of your listening area. The setup provides you with an unmatched level of audio performance without sacrificing connectivity or convenience features like wireless streaming or Bluetooth input support.

2. Powered by Sonos

Its complete sound bar package eliminates the need for a separate sound bar, and is ready to be paired with a whole house Sonos system. Along with its built-in high-performance woofer and subwoofer, it delivers an audio performance like you’d expect from a standalone sound bar.

3. Designed for comfortable installation.

The Arc Sound Bar can easily be installed without any tuning or need for additional hardware. Three adjustable feet let you position the sound bar at eye level, while the weight-bearing wall mount can add stability to the table or shelf where you want to place it.

4. Built-in Ambient Light Sensor

With this easy-to-use feature, the Arc Sound Bar automatically changes its light intensity based on ambient lighting conditions and time of day.

5. Late Night Enhancement

Arc’s unique audio playback enhancement with no tuning required will enhance the dynamics and depth of your favorite movie scenes and TV shows. With this feature activated, you can have sound bars that get it right, without having to manually adjust the sound before you go to sleep.

6. A true home theater experience with a simple remote control

All your Sonos products can be managed and adjusted with the simple yet powerful Sonos app, available on iOS, Android, Mac and PC. It offers a streamlined interface to adjust volume levels and access music libraries all from your phone or tablet. And if you have more than one Sonos speaker in your home, you can group them for synchronized music playback for an even greater home theater experience like never before.

7. Easy set up with automatic firmware updates

The Arc sound bar is easy to set up with just a touch of the button. After connecting it to your TV and home wireless network, the software will automatically update its software so that it is ready for use.


The Arc sound bar is a very impressive sound bar from Sonos. It has a lot of great features that makes it stand out from the crowd. The price is top-notch which makes the Arc soundbar the best value for money you can get for your home theater system.