Advantages Of Women’s Eau De Toilette

Women’s eau de toilette is a perfume specifically made for women. It’s usually designed to be more gentle and delicate than men’s cologne, which might contain strong smells like turpentine. Women’s eau de toilette is often used as a smell-good for the body, but not so much for undergarments. The word “toilette” in the name does not refer to a place you do your business; rather, it comes from the French verb “toilet,” meaning to wash or cleanse oneself.

Advantages of women’s eau de toilette

1. Women’s eau de toilette doesn’t contain nasty smells.

2. It’s not as strong or strong-smelling as men’s cologne, so it won’t get in the way of other smells that you might want to put on (like perfume).

3. You can wear it for longer periods than a man can, because women’s perfume is less offensive and less intense.

4. Women’s eau de toilette tends to be softer and more subtle than men’s cologne — it isn’t usually overbearing or offensive. Of course, like all perfumes, women’s scents come in many varieties and each woman will probably prefer one fragrance over another.

5. Women’s eau de toilette may be less likely to cause skin irritation, because there aren’t usually any harsh ingredients in it that could irritate women’s sensitive skin.

6. Women’s eau de toilette is easier to apply (usually just spray on) and less messy than men’s colognes.

7. A woman’s eau de toilette is more likely to smell delicate. Women’s perfume should have a soft, delicate scent, but it can never match the strength of a man’s cologne or aftershave.

8. You can buy women’s eau de toilette for a lot less money than men’s colognes.


Women’s eau de toilette is the female counterpart to men’s cologne. Women’s perfume smells just as good, but it isn’t quite as strong. It’s also more likely to be less irritating and less offensive than a man’s cologne. Women can wear women’s perfume for longer periods of time without getting overwhelmingly smelly, and they’re usually cheaper than men’s colognes.