Multitool For Every Situation: Top 9 Picks

If you are on a job site, nothing could be compared to the compactness that a multitool provides. It’s like carrying a toolbox in your pocket. Check out some of the best multitools that come with the most sought-after features to make your work easy.

1. Leatherman Wave+

Every feature that you want from a multitool comes in the Leatherman Wave+ so that you can use the tools effectively and safely. You can even access some of the tools even if the multitool is closed or in a folded position. Open and use the tool with one hand to get ultimate results.

2. Leatherman Signal

The Leatherman Signal comes with 19 useful tools packed into one multitool, making it perfect for adventure. Other than the plier’s head, every feature in Signal locks in the right place so that you can use them effectively without worries. Besides, it has a DLC coating on stainless steel as well.

3. Leatherman Raptor Rescue

The Leatherman Raptor Rescue sheer comes equipped with the necessary tools for professionals. Now you can work with this multitool quickly and safely in any kind of emergency. The Raptor Rescue is developed keeping in mind the multipurpose features without complicating life-threatening situations.

4. Leatherman Surge

The Leatherman Surge is one of the best multitools that packs in real power with the largest pliers and longer blades for ease of use. The premium wire cutters, outside opening blades, and unique blade exchanger makes Surge one of the most easily accessible tools you can have. In short, Surge is made for tough jobs.

5. Leatherman-free P4

The best thing about Leatherman Free P4 is the magnetic opening and closing mechanism that allows for a smooth transition and quick access to the tools whenever you need them. The Free P4 comes with a 420HC serrated knife to give you an edge over the situation that you are in.

6. Leatherman Charge+ Tti

The Leatherman Charge+ TTI is another popular tool that is always ready to take on jobs regardless of big or small. This multitool comes with a combination of intuitive features and is built with premium materials. Moreover, the wire cutters can be upgraded or replaceable. The S30V ultra-sharp steel blade resists corrosion and the titanium handle makes the multitool stronger.

7. Leatherman Style Ps

If you are looking for a travel-friendly option, there is no other knife blade than the Leatherman Style PS. The design is unique and it packs in a mini-screwdriver, bottle opener, tweezers, scissors, file, and spring-action pliers. You can clip the tool on your backpack or carry it in your pocket.

8. Leatherman Rebar

The box-like shape of Leatherman tools makes the Rebar easily recognizable among other multitools you find around. The pliers feature a replaceable wire cutter and have been optimized for strength. All the features that the tool carries will even make the toughest jobs look easy.

9. Leatherman Curl

The Leatherman Curl is packed with all the iconic features that the Company provides. It comes with 15 different tools including a knife blade that’s ultra-sharp. Carry it whenever you want with the removable pocket clip. The one-hand operable feature makes it convenient to use.