Why Lots Of Sports People Like Ribbed Sports Bra

A ribbed sports bra is designed with an embellished overlay of fabric which provides support to the chest, as well as improving breathability. Not only does this style come in a variety of colors, but it also offers support for many different sports; ranging from running to volleyball.

Why do you need a ribbed sports bra?

1. Support

Ribbed bras offer a layer of fabric to the chest so that support is provided to the upper body. This style tends to be more supportive than most, offering women a backless sports bra for less coverage. A ribbed bra offers support for running, yoga, crossfit, and even intense workouts. The ribbing of the bra can also be adjusted in order to provide another layer of extra strength or lightness.

2. Breathability

A ribbed sports bra has a non-woven material which allows it to breath better than other fabrics and gives it an airier feel. This means that you won’t be sweating from all of the extra fabric and that your body will remain cooler than with a traditional bra.

3. Great Fit

Yoga pants tend to come in one size fits all, but this is not the case with sports bras. A ribbed top comes in different sizes based on the industry standard of 34B, 38A, and 40D. This allows the top to fit very well without having to worry about it being too loose or too tight. Buying a ribbed sports bra can also give you two or three bras for the price of one! You can wash them in high-efficiency top loading washers and dryers which make cleanup a breeze.

4. Fashion

Ribbed sports bras are trendy and come in a variety of enchanting colors and patterns. No more will you be wearing plain white bras! Ribbed sports bras come in a wide array of colors, ranging from black to pink, purple, and even bold shades of green. Choose the boldest color possible or buy one that you’re just dying to wear to work! Ribbed bras also come in all sorts of prints: polka dots, stripes, or even plaids! Other options for a ribbed sports bra include rhinestone lace and glitter straps which makes this style a hit with the fashion savvy women everywhere!

5. Leak Free

A ribbed sports top comes in a variety of styles most including shape wear and high-impact control. This means that you will notice your chest looking better after each use, making it a great option for women who are looking to build their chest area up. A ribbed sports bra also comes with a moisture wicking layer which releases sweat away from the skin and prevents chafing or rashes from occurring. This top is made of breathable fabric, so it won’t feel hot on your body while you exercise which can ruin your workout entirely!


Ribbed sports bras are one of the best choices for a woman who is looking to get in shape. They give you support in all the right places, remove moisture from your skin, and provide comfort whenever you’re sweating from your exercise session. Why settle for just one style when you can have four or five different options? With ribbed sports bras, no matter what exercise you do, it will look great and feel amazing!