5 Must-try Legacybox Products To Preserve Your Memories

Most cherished memories often remain locked away in outdated formats like old films, movies, and photos as digital technology dominates. How can you preserve these memories? Legacybox has emerged as the ultimate solution for breathing new life into those timeless moments. You can use it to store your cherished memories in a digital form, like movies and photos. This article explores the five Legacybox products you must try to safely keep your memories for generations to come.

2- Items Starter Legacybox

It’s a must-have Legacybox product with a wide range of accessories, including a welcome guide, barcodes, prepaid shipping labels, and a crush-proof box. The box is good for various items specified in the box’s size selector selection. You can also enjoy the extra safety item barcodes.

10-item Family Legacybox

It’s a Legacybox with features that allow you to convert up to 10 sets, 10 films, or 10 tapes of 25 pictures to digital. Each box provides a good space for a given number specified in a given size selector area or a section. In addition, it has an approximately 10- 12 week period turnaround after the designer receives the Legacybox.

20-item Closet Legacybox

With this Legacybox product, you can convert up to 20 films, 20 sets, or 20 taps of 25 pictures to digital. It’s a large option with more options than the other Legacybox options. You can maximize these spaces to keep your cherished memories filled with old home pictures and movies. The product can help digitize your moments into a disk set, the cloud, and a thumb drive.

40-item Trunk Legacybox

The 40-item trunk is the best alternative when looking for a larger Legacybox to convert chunks of memories into digital ones. With this product, you can convert approximately 40 films, 40 sets, or 40 tapes of 25 pictures to digital. The Legacybox product can help you keep these memories for future generations.

Secure Thumb Drive

Once your memories are digitized into movies and photos, it’s essential to store them securely. Legacybox offers a range of storage options to complement your digitized collection. The secure thumb drive provides the best storage solutions that best fit your needs. Thus, it’s a reliable storage option to safeguard your memories and access your special moments easily.