6 Bed Frames That Are Made From Sustainable Sourced Materials

The quality of the sleep we get is heavily influenced by the bed. A high-quality bed can improve how we feel in the morning and how much rest we get from a full night of sleep. When trying to improve your resting time, you should start with a bed base that is well-made and reliable. Here are a few examples of bed bases that offer excellent value and quality.

1. Orion Fern Bed Base

The Orion bed base is a great choice if you like a simple bed that was built with a sense of practicality and comfort. It features a classic sturdy frame along with linen fabric as upholstery and a spill-resistant finish. The bed offers excellent support and works with all types of mattresses.

2. Pegasus Sweatshirt Bed Base

If you are looking for a different type of bed that has a different slat that surrounds you, the Pegasus will prove to be the right choice. The slat extends to the sides offering shoulder support. The high-quality padding and soft fabric used makes it a superior bed base.

3. Orion Fossil Bed Base

The Fossil bed base is a great choice for a minimalistic bedroom. It is a simple bed with a robust and durable frame and thick padding. The bed does require assembly but the tool-free design makes it possible to have it set up in just 10 minutes.

4.Sirius Latte Bed Base

The Sirius Latte bed base is considered a premium bed that was built responsibly. Not only that it provides proper back support and a robust frame but it is also built using sustainable sourced birch wood and recycled materials.

5.Pegasus Blush Bed Base

Turquoise is an amazing color, especially when it comes to upholstered furniture. For a bed, the color has a soothing effect. The Sirius Peacock bed base comes in a lovely turquoise upholstery, a soft slate, and a solid frame made from sustainably sourced birch wood.

6.Sirius Peacock Bed Base

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