8 Unique Contemporary Wall Art Pieces For Home Décor

Whether or not you are a fan of art, an absorbing artistic creation will not only enhance the overall look of the house but will also uplift your feelings. Here are 8 exquisite CONTEMPORARY WALL ART pieces by Great Big Canvas that will bring a positive change in the mood of your room.

1. The Flourish Of Spring Wall Art

This 18” x 12” canvas-printed brightly-colored art piece is all that you need to usher in the summertime. The use of light orange and red tones adds warmth not only to the painting but also to your room, uplifting the mood of everyone present.

2. The Blue Barn I Wall Art

This 16” x 12” art piece on canvas adds a subtle tone to the room. The image depicts a denim blue-colored barn whose roof is rusty brown in color, standing against a snow-covered background. You can use this contemporary art to enhance the appeal of your dining or living area.

3. The Sunset In Venice Wall Art

Another 16” x 12” visually enticing art piece on canvas, this painting will take you to the lively sunset on the land of Venice. The use of bright colors and the detailing will make you want to sit for hours in front of this painting.

4. The African Abstract Wall Art

If you are a fan of abstract CONTEMPORARY WALL ART paintings, this 16” x 16” canvas printed, a vibrantly-colored painting depicting abstract shapes and forms will add life to your boring, lifeless room. The warm tones and the shapes being jumbled up can immediately brighten up any room.

5. The Beach Sunrise Wall Art

This 18” x 12” art on canvas will add a serene tone to your room. A spectacular depiction of sunrise seen from the beach will revive your memories of beach vacations. Watching the sunrise, scattering different shades of colors across the sky is something that never gets old.

6. The ??phoenix’s Wall Art

Does this 20” x 16” canvas-printed art showcase the magnificent, mythological ?? Phoenix rising from the ashes. The artist has used fiery red color along with vibrant tones of yellow and orange to superbly depict the power and strength that will energize you whenever you look at it.

7. The Flourish Iii Wall Art

Love bright colors? Then this 18” x 12” abstract art piece on canvas is what you must install in your room. The artist’s play with bright tones of blue and red with a powerful centered composition will splash positive vibes whenever you feel a little down.

8. The Moo-ving In I Wall Art

For those of you who enjoy portraits, this CONTEMPORARY WALL ART painting of a cow sitting on a sofa in a 16” x 16” canvas-printed base is a unique creation to own. The teal-colored sofa with gold detailing and the enormous white cow is an exquisite depiction of creativity. This art piece will go perfectly with any room in your house.