Features Of The Epson Photo Printer

The Epson Photo Printer is the newest evolution of Epson’s award-winning desktop photo printers. It is perfect for home, office, and school use. Ther are many features that make the Epson Photo Printer worth your consideration. The following are some:

1. Automatic Photo Paper Sizing

The Epson Photo Printer automatically sizes the photo paper based on the type of image that you post to your printer. This feature is beneficial when users print photos or documents with multiple images on each page. On the original Epson Stylus Pro Photo printers, the user had to manually select the paper size for each image on a page.

2. Dual-Function LCD Screen (Super)

The LCD screen on the Epson Photo Printer functions as both a preview screen and a control panel. It is dual-function, which means that it controls both the super-fine print head and ink cartridges. This screen is the user’s option to control print quality directly.

3. Multi-Purpose Paper Tray

The Epson Photo Printer has a multi-purpose paper tray that supports photo, envelope, and plain paper types”¦more than one at a time! This printer will also automatically sense the type of paper you load into the tray and calibrate the head accordingly.

4. Auto-Sensing ADF

The Epson Photo Printer has an Auto-Sensing ADF. This means that when you scan images, you do not have to adjust them manually for sizing or orientation. The ease and accuracy of this feature make it a perfect standalone scanner for home and office use.

5. Full-Color LCD Screen

The LCD screen can display full-color images with vivid detail and sharpness (up to 21600 x 14400 resolution). This makes the LCD screen an excellent choice for users who want to print high-quality photographs.

6. Lift-and-Lock ADF

The ADF on the Epson Photo Printer is equipped with a lift and lock mechanism that makes scanning easy and effortless. No more fighting with tangling cords or knotted rollers! This feature is ideal for home as well as office use.