The 7 Best Recommended Experiences In Boston With City Experiences

City Experiences is the go-to organization for fun cruises in the Boston area. Guests can enjoy their time on the water seeing the sights, enjoying dinner, and a lot more. Here are 7 of the best recommended experiences in Boston.

1) Premier Dinner Cruise

The Premier Dinner experience is a popular option for those cruising with anyone cruising with City Experiences. Patrons get to dress up in semi-formal attire and enjoy a long voyage with a plated dinner and cash bar. They can enjoy the sights of Boston Harbor while listening to the onboard DJ. Upgrades are also available.

2) July 1st Fireworks Dinner Cruise

Sometimes, there will be special occasions where this premier dinner cruise is taken to another level. A great example of this is the Boston Harbor cruise on July 1st which takes in a fireworks display. Guests can get a brilliant view of the light show from the water with loved ones.

3) Historic Harbor Cruise

Those that like the idea of getting out on the water in the harbor but not the party atmosphere may prefer the option of the historic harbor cruise. There is no meal on this cheaper 1-hour voyage, but you do get the chance to learn a lot about the history of the area.

4) USS Constitution Viewing

An alternative option is to lunch with friends at a buffet service while sailing up close with the USS Constitution. This 4th of July package lets you celebrate Independence Day in style.

5) Salem Ferry

Another option for history buffs is to head out on the Salem Ferry to this beautiful historical town. The short voyage takes you over to the waterfront of Salem where you can learn more about its people and really go back in time.

6) New England Aquarium Whale Watch Cruise

If you are more interested in the wildlife of the local area than its history, there is nothing better than a New England Whale Watching trip. There is never any guarantee of seeing whales breaching, but this crew can offer the best chance via high-speed catamarans and experienced naturalist guides.

7) Codzilla Thrill-Boat

Finally, there is this option for the more adventurous sailor. This thrill ride lets you head out on a high-speed vessel for an adrenaline rush. There is a strong possibility of getting wet but having a lot of fun in the process.

These are just some of the top recommended experiences in Boston with City Experiences. Whatever your tastes for scenery, history, or adventure, they can help you out.