The Fantastic Hair Dryer For The Perfectly Styled Look Everyday!

Blow-drying does not always damage the hair if you follow certain proper blow-drying procedures which contribute to your hair’s overall health. Even air-drying the hair also causes damage to the hair such as its cellular structures. Using a 5 in 1 electric hair dryer, you can rely on its anti-damaging properties on your hair. furthermore, Here are some basic tips and insights to avoid damaging your hair using a hair dryer:

Hot vs Cold – When to use each mode for 5 in 1 hair drying?

* It is advisable for the hair to have a warmer temperature when blow-drying it. But the blow-drying must be quick covering all the hair strands to equally distribute the heat to the hair.

* A warm drying temperature is also best for damaged or fragile hair characteristics.

* Cooler drying settings are best to use for children to avoid hurting their scalps.

But with the durability and anti-drying effects of this 5 in 1 hair dryer, you can use it for your wet or dry hair! This hair drying can be used for flat ironing/ straightening, curly hair brushing, blow drying, brush drying, and volumizing. Its brushed can do so much for your styling needs and requirements to give you the most dramatic hairdos.

The brushes that this 5 in 1 electric hair dryer has can be used for any type of hair. You just choose among the 5 brushes and set the temperature and intensity controls according to the intended needs of your hair type!

Is it safe to use a hair dryer every day?

* Do not blow dry the hair too often. Exposing your hair to a direct and closer source of heat will definitely cause damage to your hair. Thus, if you wash your hair too often, you will need to blow-dry it. Minimizing the use of a blow dryer or seldom washing your hair could lessen the possibility of hair damage.

* You can blow-dry your hair only at least twice or thrice a day if you have generally and naturally healthy, bouncy, and shiny hair.