Why You Should Invest In Pointy Toe Flats

Women’s feet and toes have evolved over the years, with wider, flatter feet and smaller toes. As a result, shoemakers have discontinued making shoes with pointy toe flats. However, pointy toe flats are perfect for balancing out foot shape – as well as for looking stylish! They also offer more support for the longitudinal arch of your foot (which women’s feet tend to lack) than other types of shoe such as ballerinas or sandals. Below are a few reasons why you should start wearing shoes with pointy toes flats

1. Pointy toe flats offer better balance across your foot

What you can do with a pointy toe flat: The ball of your foot is slightly more supported, giving you more control over the foot and ankle. Much like a ballet flat offers support around the entire ball of your foot, pointy flats are able to support those of us with wider, flatter feet in the same way. This in turn helps to keep your posture upright and improves your balance.

2. Pointy toes flats look cool and will get you noticed

What you can do with a pointy toe flat: Whereas traditional dr. Martens could only be described as “cool”, a pointy toe flat would be described as “cool AF”. This goes hand in hand with the statement above as pointy toe flats are also more likely to get attention from passers-by, which makes them extra rad! Furthermore, pointy toes flats are a fashion statement. They’ll make any outfit look so much more fashionable and chic, especially coupled with accessories such as a big pendant or funky heels!

3. Pointy toe flats are perfectly compatible with other types of shoe

What you can do with a pointy toe flat: Pointy toe shoes are perfect for going from office to bar and vice versa. If you’re not sure about the best pair of shoes for a particular situation, hand in hand with your pointy toes flats is the answer!